TAALK Tips™ to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

TAALK TIPS™ to prevent child sexual abuse

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TAALK Tip #1

When your child needs a medical test done such as an X-ray, CT or MRI, insist on one of the following: 1) being in the room, 2) leaving the door open and being just outside the door or 3) if there is a viewing window, stay where you can clearly see your child. Don’t allow the technican to tell you that you can’t stay due to exposure. There’s no reason why you can’t stand with the technican.
True Story:
I had an opportunity to talk with a mother who’s son was sexually abused while getting a routine medical test done at a local hospital. She was just on the other side of a closed door. The technician had been released from another hospital for alleged sexual abuse and the records were sealed, allowing him to get another job where he had regular private access to young children.  
Take the opportunity to tell the technician about the child sexual abuse statistics and that you’re committed to lowering the risk for your child and invite him/her to go to our website to learn more. This is a great way to raise his/her awareness as well. 
Thanks for continuing your education on how to prevent child sexual abuse. Your increased awareness will make a difference in the lives of children around you.
If you have a tip that you’d like to share with others or you would like to provide feedback on this tip, please send us an email at taalktips@taalk.org.
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