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Diane Hansen, mother of three young girls, began to research the epidemic of child sexual abuse when her oldest daughter, age three at the time, asked to go to the new neighbors. Before letting her young girl venture to the unfamiliar neighbors she thought she should address this sensitive topic.  Not knowing where or how to start this delicate conversation, she decided to get some help at the library. To her astonishment nothing was acceptable. One book mentioned, if you are sitting on your Uncle’s lap and feel uncomfortable, politely, POLITELY, she thought, ask to get up. Another resource, stressed the fact the “animal,” never a real person, was sad. A child may feel sad, and that’s okay. As parents, Diane believes we need to give children the power to say no to any adult and teach them it is okay to express any feelings, mad or sad.  As parents, we tend to talk about this issue in a “scary” tone with a worried expression and feeling. We might say something like, “Do not let anyone touch your private parts.” Children think the molester is a bad man or even a “monster.” Actually, research states 93%-95% of all victims know their abuser.  Inspired by an interview on the Oprah show with convicted child molester Jake Goldenflame, Diane decided to delve into research and find out, “How do we protect our children from child molesters?”  The guest said molesters are so cunning and manipulative they are capable of violating your own children right in front of you. She found out molesters use games and silly name to trick our children. She found out that it is often the child’s first sexual experience and children do not know that sexual feelings are normal, even at age two or younger. Finding a serious lack of educational materials for children on child sexual abuse prevention, Diane began to write silly rhymes, she kept a pen & paper with her at all times. Diane showed the book to everyone and sadly she heard the most common response, “I was molested.” The stories made her numb. She would come home and cry. “Why is this happening?” “How can so many people have the same story?”

Those are MY Private Parts is extraordinarily different because family members are named, “Not with my uncle, nephew, niece or dad, I am strong and I will get MAD!” Diane believes we can EMPOWER children to say NO to anyone. Child molesters prey on the weak and timid child; not the child that can say, “Those are MY Private Parts.”


Diane is an Authorized Facilitator of the Stewards of Children Training developed by Darkness 2 Light to teach adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. For more information on the training visit www.d2l.org. Diane is also a presenter for  TAALK, Talk About Abuse To Liberate Kids www.taalk.org

Beginning in 2005, Diane started exploring alternative healing modalities to offer to the many survivors she encountered. It seemed to her people were stuck in their childhood experiences creating chronic pain in their adult life. Survivors would share their stories in front of an audience and many, if not all, would break down crying at some point during the presentation. Diane is now offering Craniosacral Therapy  to survivors to help process adverse childhood experiences that may have manifested into discomfort and disease.

To schedule a Stewards of Children training or a TAALK presentation to prevent child sexual abuse or to make an appointment for Craniosacral Therapy to aide in the healing from child sexual abuse:

please contact Diane at dianerhansen@yahoo.com or 310-872-8206