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Child Abuse Prevention Month


Everyone can do small things every day that help children to have healthy, safe lives. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The calendar below suggests an activity you can do each day of the month to show a child how much you care. Every activity is not necessarily developmentally appropriate for every child. So, be creative!


Saturday 1 Compliment a child’s accomplishment.

Sunday 2 Read a book with a child. Those are MY Private Parts

Monday 3 Fly a kite together.

Tuesday 4 Involve a child in preparing a special meal.

Wednesday 5 Catch your child doing something good.

Thursday 6 Remind your child that your love is not dependent on schoolwork.

Friday 7 Leave a love note in your child’s lunch bag.

Saturday 8 Ask your child’s opinion on an issue that affects the family.

Sunday 9 Go to a playground or a park together.

Monday 10 Coordinate a scavenger hunt around your house.

Tuesday 11 Tell a child about something funny that happened to you when you were a child.

Wednesday 12 Take flowers home to your spouse with a note on why you value your marriage.

Thursday 13 Bake and decorate a cake or make cookies together.

Friday 14 Work on an art project together.

Saturday 15 Talk with a child about what to do in an emergency.

Sunday 16 Look for figures in the clouds.

Monday 17 Give a new responsibility—and a new privilege—to your child.

Tuesday 18 Practice crossing the street safely.

Wednesday 19 Visit neighbors together, particularly if they have children.

Thursday 20 Donate old clothes, toys, or household items to charity together.

Friday 21 Watch a video together.

Saturday 22 Help a child write a letter to his or her grandmother, favorite TV star, or the President.

Sunday 23 Have a picnic in the yard or the park.

Monday 24 Choose something to count (trucks, dogs). Take a walk and keep track of how many you see.

Tuesday 25 Plan an outing to a free outdoor concert or exhibit.

Wednesday 26 Give your child a hug.

Thursday 27 Plant a flower or some herbs together.

Friday 28 Go to a ball game together.

Saturday 29 Do a puzzle together.

Sunday 30 Tell your child that you love him or her.


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