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Escaping the Prophet: Escaping Child Sexual Abuse

My friend, Flora Jessop, has dedicated her life to helping children escape child sexual abuse, to break free from the FLDS, the polygamist cult exploiting GOD to sexually abuse children and control women. Her new show on TLC, Escaping the Prophet, finally exposes the horrific crimes taking place right now, right here in the US. To supposedly preserve the bloodline of the one who is considered closest to God, 12 year old children are being given to their own uncles and cousins to become their 3rd, 4th or even 7th wife where they are forced to have a baby every year. In Colorado City, AZ you’ll find run down cemeteries that are for babies only, have you ever heard of a Baby Cemetery? The inbreeding has lead to thousands of birth defects and stillbirths, there are no death certificates and very few gravestones. This is where the forgotten babies are laid to rest. The forgotten boys, to keep the population mostly female, are kicked out of town at age 13 or 14. After being a part of a family of 28+, which btw is supported by the us tax payers in the amount of up to $30,000 per month, they are literally dropped off at the edge of town and told never to return.

See Flora Jessop live on the Huffington Post where she tells of all this and more. At the end, she recommends Those are MY Private Parts. Flora loves my book because it specifcally mentions family members, “Not with my uncle, nephew, niece or dad…”

We can stop child sexual abuse. 



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