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Signs of Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse – Signs to Look For

Signs in Offenders

  • Makes you or children feel uncomfortable by lack of respect for boundaries
  • Engages in excessive physical contact with children
  • Spends more time with children than adults his/her own age
  • Spends excessive time emailing and text messaging with children
  • Is unusually aware of kid trends, terminology, computer games, and music
  • Overly interested in the sexuality or developing body of pre-teens and teens
  • Arranges to spend uninterrupted time with kids
  • Is “Great with the kids!” or “Too good to be true!”
  • Showers kids with gifts, treats, special outings
  • Let’s kids break the rules or get away with inappropriate behavior
  • Asks kids to keep secrets

Signs in Children

  • Physical Signs
    • Evidence of physical trauma to the genital or anal areas
    • Complaints of pain during urination or bowel movements
    • Exhibiting symptoms of genital or urinary tract infections or STDs such as offensive odor, redness, rashes or burning
    • Self mutilation (puncturing with pins or cutting)
    • Health issues associated with anxiety such as chronic stomach pain or headaches
  • Emotional or behavior signs
    • Aggressive behavior towards friends and family
    • Withdrawal from friends, family or activities they previously enjoyed
    • Anxiety or panic attacks
    • Phobias
    • Fear of certain people, places or activities
    • Excessive sadness or depression
    • Decreased school performance
    • Eating disorders, loss of appetite, gagging
    • Sleep disturbances, nightmares, screaming, sweating
    • Regressive behaviors, bed wetting, separation anxiety
    • Numbing pain with drugs, alcohol or cutting
    • Need to be perfect
  • Sexual signs
    • Increased questions about human sexuality
    • Excessive masturbation
    • Increased sexual play with friends, pets, toys
    • Talking about or acting out specific adult sexual acts
    • Increased choice of sexually revealing clothing
    • Signs of promiscuity




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