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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

The more categories of trauma experienced in childhood, the greater the
likelihood of experiencing:

• alcoholism and alcohol
• chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease
• depression
• fetal death
• poor health-related
quality of life
• illicit drug use
• ischemic heart disease
• liver disease
• risk for intimate partner
• multiple sexual partners
• sexually transmitted
diseases (STDs)
• smoking
• obesity
• suicide attempts
• unintended pregnancies


The ACE Study also showed that as
the ACE score increased the number of
risk factors for the leading causes of
death increased. Thus, persons with
high ACE scores are later at much
higher risk for health and medical
conditions resulting from their choice
of remedies for their pain. While these
approaches are effective in the short
term, they often have dire long-term
consequences such as serious chronic
health and social problems.
In addition, the underlying causes of
these problems—adverse
childhood experiences—would
typically go undetected because
of shame, secrecy and social
taboo, which prevent people from
talking about such things

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