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ALASKA Department of Health and Social Services lists Those are MY Private Parts as a Resource

Health and Social Services

When talking to children about sexual behaviors, it’s important to maintain a calm and even tone of
voice and to ask open-ended questions as much as possible, so the children can tell what happened
in their own words, rather than just answering yes or no. So, in this case, a parent might ask each child:
■ What were you doing?
■ How did you get the idea?
■ How did you learn about this?
■ How did you feel about doing it?

Hansen, Diane. (2007). Those are MY private parts. Redondo Beach, CA: Empowerment Productions.
For ages 4–8. This short, easy-to-read book uses colorful illustrations and catchy rhymes to teach
children that no one—relative, friend or neighbor—has a right to touch them in a way that makes
them feel uncomfortable.


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