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How to Talk to Children About Sexual Abuse

Why Do I Need to Talk to My Children About Sexual Abuse?

Keeping Children Safe From Sexual Abuse

Most people are quite shocked when they hear the statistics of sexual abuse. The statistics say 1 in 3 girls, and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of eighteen. With statistics like this it is very important to teach your child about abuse.  If you’d like to learn more about what adults can do to prevent sexual abuse visit
How to Prevent Sexual Abuse at:

Offbeat kids books about sex and bodies

About Offbeat Families: Our mission & values

Founded by Ariel Meadow Stallings, the author who brought you Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides and, Offbeat Families seeks to celebrate and empower families as they navigate the realities of parenting.

Formerly known as Offbeat Mama, we like supporting and inspiring parents and caregivers who are moving beyond mainstream visions of parenting. We welcome anyone who’s interested in families, whether you’re pre-parental, in the process of becoming a parent, or choosing to live childfree.

We believe that while children change your life forever, being around children doesn’t necessitate abandoning your identity. Offbeat Families continues the driving theme of Offbeat Bride: encouraging women to integrate their identities into situations that tell them they should drop it all and follow the template.

We believe each parent has the right to make their own educated decisions about what works for them and their family. Our only shoulds are loving your children and caring for them with educated intent. Offbeat Families doesn’t subscribe to any particular parenting philosophy or dogma, as we believe that every family and situation is unique, and what works for one Offbeat Families in one situation may not work for another.

While we address parenting hot-topics, we do so in the context of lighthearted and proactive inspiration — never condemnation. As part of the Offbeat Empire family of sites, we’re committed to furthering the company’s cause of constructive, civil online communities and conversation.

If you’d like to know more about us, you can read about our values below, meet thestaff, check out FAQ, or get in touch.

Children’s Health Care of Atlanta Recommends Those are MY Private Parts

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Saving Children and Revealing Secrets SCARS recommends Those are MY Private Parts


Our Mission
To reduce the risk of Child sexual abuse and to be an advocate and voice for children who have been sexually molested as well as their affected family.


What We Do
We are a Bermuda registered charity (#922) formed to create greater awareness of the devastation that child sexual abuse can cause in the life of an innocent child, their affected family and a community. Through the “Darkness to Light Stewards of Children’ Training Program, we provide training to individuals and organizations entrusted with children to Prevent, Recognize, and React Responsibly to child sexual abuse. If sexual abuse does occur, we also provide access to resources to promote the healing process.

SCARS recommends Those are MY Private Parts

Breaking the Silence Buy Those are MY Private Parts at Voice Today


As child advocates, we at VOICE Today ask you to take a stand with us against this horrific evil. Be trained, alert and have the courage to intervene when a child is in danger. Understand that child sexual abuse is a crime. VOICE Today is breaking the silence and cycle of child sexual abuse worldwide through The VOICE Movement, Prevention, and Healing programs for abuse survivors. Child Sexual Abuse is a silent epidemic. Join the Movement and help us break the cycle!

Buy Those are MY Private  Parts at Voice Today

Massachusetts Department of Public Health Recommends Those are MY Private Parts in Healthy Relationships, Sexuality and Disability Resource Guide 2011

This book helps children open healthy communication about what is okay and what is not okay when it comes to touching private parts of the body. It uses child-friendly rhyming and colorful illustrations by a four-year-old to incorporate messages about sexual abuse prevention. Statistics and information on childhood sexual abuse are included for parents and educators.

Listed on Page 20 under Sexual Health and Human Rights

European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC) reviews Those are MY Private Parts

European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC)

Girl blowing bubbles

Established in 1997, ENOC links independent offices for children from thirty three countries in Europe. Its aims are:

  • to encourage the fullest possible implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the child,
  • to support collective lobbying for children’s rights,
  • to share information, approaches and strategies,
  • and to promote the development of effective independent offices for children.

We Care For Kids Council Likes Those are MY Private Parts

We Care for Kids Council of Montcalm County

Studio 5 Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Liz Hale Recommends Those are MY Private Parts

Life’s Tough Questions: The Birds and the Bees

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assalt Recommends Those are MY Private Parts

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) is a membership organization promoting safety, justice, and healing for survivors while working toward the elimination of sexual violence.