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Darkness 2 Light Recommends Those are MY Private Parts


Dear Diane,

Thank you so much for your note. I love Charlotte’s artwork!
It is only through the support of dedicated individuals like you that Darkness to Light is able to carry out its mission of reducing the incidents of child sexual abuse.
Your book, Those are My Private Parts, is a simple, age-appropriate work which gives children the “okay” to say “no” to adults. In a charming rhyming style, you give children the power and permission to “own” their bodies, which is critically important to developing their sense of self.”
Darkness to Light firmly believes that it is adults’ responsibility to keep kids safe from the horror of child sexual abuse, but your text empowers children in such a way that, hopefully, they are comfortable saying “no.”
Thank you again for your work.
Very truly yours,
Anne Lee
(Former)President and CEO, Darkness to Light

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